Alpha Gents Leather is an independent design and a small workshop in City of Pines - Philippines, focusing on leather goods that are simple in form and function. Traditional crafting methods are employed to create durable goods that are built to last a lifetime.
Focusing on simple, rugged and durable aesthetics, our dive is for functional and beautiful accessories that are built with care and passion. As a craftsman, it is our desire to have our work speak for itself. That being said, we spend time required searching local providers of the best materials available and we only hand saddle stich (handmade) our goods.


By purchasing these handmade goods from Alpha Gents Leather, you understand the nature of handmade goods as containing slight variations due to the maker being human. As they say, it is the subtle imperfections of handmade that make it perfect.

By purchasing my leather goods you are also stating that you understand that leather is an organic material, and therefore can show scars or other marks of the animal's life. These marks and variations are what make leather a beautiful medium as every mark tells a story and gives your leather product a unique identifying mark and gets better with age. Our goods are built with the heart and soul of the craftsman who applied his skill and knowledge to bring you this heritage good.





Alpha Gents Leather, started from humble beginnings on a cold afternoon in the City of Pines - Baguio City. I had been browsing countless websites and watching tons of video reviews to find a wallet that would not only be functional, but also elegant gift for someone special. After days of searching without much luck, the inevitable thought occurred: "What does it take to make my own?" The question that lead to where Alpha Gents Leather is today.

I have always been fascinated with design and working with my hands. Making beautiful & honest products that reflect the character of those who inhabit them. I believe that owning less is more, as you cherish the few things you have. After all, you're worth it. 

Every piece is handmade with extreme care and quality in mind. When you support a small business you are directly supporting the entrepreneur behind the brand and their family. Your support means the world to us and we're excited to have you here.

Thank you for visiting Alpha Gents Leather and we hope that you enjoy our products and that they last you a lifetime.