Featured Leather ( Limited )

Oily Pull-up leather may appear darker when received. This is the case when fresh leather from the tannery is used as the oils are still fresh. Give it a few weeks for it to reveal it’s true color. An early test to reveal the true color of the leather is to pinch it so as to force the oils to rearrange.

Pull-up is Full Grain. It is the most durable kind of leather where natural markings, scars, or leather hair pores are still visible. It has a waxy and matte finish.


Pull-Up leather is hot stuffed with waxes and oils to give smooth color shifts when the leather is manipulated and bent. 


A Veg Tan Goat skin has its natural oils and waxes that have been used in the finish of the leather giving it a very unique look. The best part of this leather is that it only gets better in time.